1. What is the principle behind MasterAtSleep?
MasterAtSleep is based on neuroscience, which is the scientific study of the nervous system (the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nervous system). Conducting research on human sleep, neuroscientists discovered that, if cues related to daytime learning are delivered to the sleeping brain at the right time in the right manner, the brain will reactivate the memory of daytime learning, resulting in such memory being reinforced. This is known as “Targeted Memory Reactivation (TMR)”.

2. How can MasterAtSleep help me?
Based on the knowledge you choose to master, MasterAtSleep can make them reactivate themselves in your brain, reinforce memories on them, and let you master them faster. Current research has proved the effectiveness of the MasterAtSleep method in learning foreign languages, grammar, and motor skills, etc.

3. How to use MasterAtSleep?
a. Go to MasterAtSleep Web Store (masteratsleep.brainworksrnd.com). Sign-Up for an account.
b. Sign-In with your account Login and Password.
c. Visit Sessions / Sleep Routines, enroll for the free or paid (all prices are in USD) products there that you are interested in.
d. Download the MasterAtSleep App(Android) or MasterAtSleep App(iOS) from the Web Store Home Page.*
e. Install and run the App. Sign-In with your account Login and Password.
f. Select from My Sessions / My Sleep Routines the enrolled product that you would like to use.
g. Follow the User Guide in the App to use the product.
*Note: You may use the free($0) Sessions / Sleep Routines you have enrolled by both the MasterAtSleep App(Android) on Google Play or MasterAtSleep App(iOS) on the App Store. However, you can only use the paid Sessions / Sleep Routines you have enrolled by the MasterAtSleep App(Android).

4. How do I know the effectiveness of using MasterAtSleep?
After completing the "Day" and "Night" sections for each day, you may try your hands on the "Quiz" that follows immediately so that you can see the effect of using MasterAtSleep.

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