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Targeted Memory Reactivation (TMR) is a research theme of neuroscience in the study of sleep. It proposed that if cues related to daytime learning are delivered to the sleeping brain at the right time in the right manner, the brain will reactivate the memory of daytime learning, resulting in such memory being reinforced.
MasterAtSleep utilizes research findings on TMR as well as sleep tracking data from a large number of research subjects. It enables the mastering of various knowledge and skills in an extremely short period. For every Session it offers, the daytime learning materials and nighttime (sleeping) cues are all presented at the right time in the right manner, hence maximizing the benefit of learning. Further, you may also select the pace of learning that suits you most.
If you don't sleep well at night so you can't learn this way at present, please use a Sleep Routine that you like, and have a good sleep before you start learning.

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